Zoltán Vidnyánszky 
Brain Imaging Centre
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Stefan R. Schweinberger 
General Psychology I.
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

A. Mike Burton
Department of Psychology
University of York

Sabrina Trapp
Bar Cognitive Neuroscience Lab 
The Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center 
Bar- Ilan University

István Czigler 
Cognitive Psychology Research Group
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Rufin Vogels 
Laboratory for Neuro- and Psychophysiology
Department of Neurosciences
KU Leuven

Mihály Racsmány
Department of Cognitive Science
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Dezső Németh
Brain Memory and Language Lab
Institute of Psychology
Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary

Bruno Rossion
University of Louvain
Institute of research in Psychology
Institute of Neuroscience

Daniel Kaiser
Freie Universität Berlin
Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition group

Patrick Johnston 
Queensland University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Gyula Kovács
Géza Gergely Ambrus, PhD
Charlotta Eick, MSc
Sophie-Marie Rostalski, MSc
Kathrin Wiese
The temporal context of face perception

Predictive processes in the brain

vMMN mechanisms

Number processing in the brain

The hierarchy and parallelity of the visual face processing network

Body processing

The role of visual noise in perception 

BDNF and memory

Implicit learning in the brain
TMS Laboratory