Brain Talks
Upcoming lectures

27.09 Patrick Johnson Queensland University of Technology, Australia): 
"Prediction and error in the visual brain" 
18.10 Introduction to Research colloquium at the BPCN 
01.11 Gyula Kovacs (BPCN): "The predictive Brain"
08.11 Daniel Kaiser (Charite): TBA 
22.11 Alina Peter (Max Planck Frankfurt): TBA 
29.11 Steffen Kluckow: UJH TBA 
03.01 Mareike Grotheer (Stanford): TBA 
17.01 Jürgen Kaufmann (General Psychology I, FSU Jena): TBA
Prof. Dr. Gyula Kovács
Géza Gergely Ambrus, PhD
Catarina Amado, MSc
Charlotta Eick, MSc
Kathrin Wiese
The temporal context of face perception

Predictive processes in the brain

vMMN mechanisms

Number processing in the brain

The hierarchy and parallelity of the visual face processing network

Body processing

The role of visual noise in perception 

BDNF and memory

Implicit learning in the brain
TMS Laboratory