Brain Talks
Upcoming (2018)

30.05 Attila Keresztes: “Hippocampal contributions to memory specificity across the lifespan” 
06.06 Dario Urban: “Steady-state Visual Evoked Potentials in Face Recognition” (B.Sc. Thesis)  
13.06 Ricarda Budny: “Name and Face Priming, OFA“ (M.Sc. Thesis)  
20.06 Violetta Biermann: "Effect of Priming on Object Categorization in the Lateral Occipital Complex” (B.Sc. Thesis)  
27.06 Sven Heinrich - TBA 
04.07 Bahar Aydin: “Machine learning and Face perception” (B.Sc. Thesis)  
04.07(same date) Lisa-Celine Süllwold: “Differentiating faces using MVPA” (M.Sc. Thesis)  
11.07 Philipp Böhm: “Expectation violation of identity representation in the human ventral temporal cortex” (M.Sc. Thesis)

Past lectures

02.05 Michael Hoffmann “Visual system organization in congenital visual path abnormalities” 
16.05 Geza Ambrus “Artificial Intelligence in Behavioural Neuroscience”

27.09 Patrick Johnson Queensland University of Technology, Australia):  "Prediction and error in the visual brain" 

18.10 Introduction to Research colloquium at the BPCN  
01.11 Gyula Kovacs (BPCN): "The predictive Brain"
08.11 Daniel Kaiser (FU Berlin): "Visual object processing in a structured world"
15.11 Charlotta Eick (FSU): Albinism and the visual system 
22.11 Alina Peter (Max Planck Frankfurt): "Stimulus-dependent increases and decreases in gamma synchronization in primate V1"
29.11 Steffen Kluckow: (Hans-Berger-Department of Neurology, University Hospital Jena): "The role of visual processing capacity in multiple sclerosis: neuropsychological assessment based on the theory of visual attention"
 06.12. Catarina Amado: FUTURE DIRECTIONS 
 07.12 (DONNERSTAG!) Sabrina Trapp: "The pervasive influence of regularities on human decision making"
03.01 Mareike Grotheer (Stanford)
17.01 Jürgen Kaufmann (General Psychology I, FSU Jena) 
24.01 Sophie-Marie Rostalski: Repetition suppression and learning 
31.01. Charlotta Eick-Géza Ambrus-Gyula Kovacs: Presentation of the TMS face network grant 
Prof. Dr. Gyula Kovács
Géza Gergely Ambrus, PhD
Charlotta Eick, MSc
Sophie-Marie Rostalski, MSc
Kathrin Wiese
The temporal context of face perception

Predictive processes in the brain

vMMN mechanisms

Number processing in the brain

The hierarchy and parallelity of the visual face processing network

Body processing

The role of visual noise in perception 

BDNF and memory

Implicit learning in the brain
TMS Laboratory